Improving The Customer Experience: From Apologies To Hero


Due to challenges with his company’s main product – software for managing back office billing for hospitals and healthcare organizations – Jeff would need to go on an “Apology Tour” in front of the company’s Diamond customers.

Why? His company’s software had become so unstable, it was failing to the point of where the customer wasn’t able to use it for several hours every week, causing a major disruption to customer operations.

As a result, our client, Jeff, found himself having to meet with the Diamond customers, promising to address the situation as soon as possible.

If that weren’t bad enough, he was feeling the intense pressure from the company’s CEO, COO and CFO because existing contracts weren’t being extended, potential new customers weren’t coming on board and if things didn’t turn around soon, the company’s stock price would get negatively impacted.




Knowing that the situation had to be addressed very quickly, Jeff engaged Silent IT to diagnose and silence the problem.

With an approach focused on troubleshooting the root cause of the company’s challenges, Silent IT team took the approach of inventorying the individual challenges, instrumenting the application stack with the monitoring tools, analyzing the gathered data and identifying solutions of various degrees of complexity. The team then designed a roadmap that prioritized solutions based on the impact vs. complexity of the implementation.

Implementing the roadmap put a stop to the reoccurring outages and allowed the team to focus on helping Jeff’s team design a long-term, cloud-based solution that allowed for up and down scaling that matched the pace of the business workload.



Through Silent IT’s solutions, our client was able to: 

  • Deliver a core product that was stable and performed 50% faster
  • Retain existing clients to long-term contracts
  • Sign up a brand new slate of clients
  • Protect their reputation and preserve their stock price