How To Reduce Downtime By 60%

All Communications Tools Going Down.
Who Plans For That?

1-1Our client certainly didn’t have it on their agenda to experience frequent downtime across their email, knowledge repository and instant messaging tools. One technological challenge after another seemed to perpetually put their teams in “fire fighting” mode, leaving no time for real strategic work. Operational processes and people skills lagged behind technology. IT was getting outpaced by organizational growth. In short, a serious change needed to be made as soon as possible to bring it all back into alignment.


After assessing the operational processes of the business, our team at Silent IT established a hybrid Silent IT / client team that would instill new operational processes. The team engineered a structure to address downtime, factoring in elements like incidents, changes and problem management.


Silent IT’s new structure was an outstanding success for reducing unplanned downtime for our client by 60%. Within six months, they were able to increase output by 15%, thanks to the improved capacity. They now have an ability to move strategic initiatives along in smoother fashion and prioritize their delivery much better.