Infrastructure Needs Modernizing

Your Business Has Ambitious Goals To Reach.
Did Your Infrastructure Get The Memo?

2-1It doesn’t take a highly technical person to understand that technology is only of so much use when, well, your customers and internal staff aren’t able to use it.

That’s exactly what our client was facing due to frequent, intermittent outages. The company had a number of growth objectives, but it was difficult to think about the future when the present featured an outdated network infrastructure holding them back and contributing to a poor experience all around. They needed a roadmap out of the situation fast – and lacking the necessary resources and documentation definitely didn’t help either.


During Silent IT’s Assessment phase, we engaged in an in-depth look at the root cause of the performance-related issues our client was experiencing. In the course of this process, we arrived at a recommendation: The client needed a true roadmap that would guide them toward a modernized network infrastructure while aligning with their objectives for growth.


With a roadmap that tactically addressed the instability of the network while accounting for future growth, Silent IT was able to save the company in excess of $1 million in infrastructure costs.